Earthquake ’08 Team Coverage

As we sift through the wreckage here at the BC HQ and straighten out the pictures on the wall, sirens wail outside as fires rage and widespread looting commences…

I did hear the quake when it happened, thanks to Lily the cat. In the bed it was Stephanie, Lily, me and Isabella, in that order across the pillows. Suddenly Lily sprang up and held her head high, like those meerkat creatures do on PBS shows. I sat up in bed and listened and there was the distinct sound of something shaking, back and forth. I almost got up to see what it was, ’cause it was definitely weird, but then it slowed down and came to a stop.

I went back to bed and woke up around 6 to the radio talking about an earthquake. I realized that the object shaking was a candle (in a glass jar) that sits on the top of the toilet; it moves and makes a noise whenever you sit down. Nothing else appears to have moved one bit. Boooorrrrrrring! If I find any other objects out of place I will update immediately, but for now that ends this breaking Earthquake ’08 team coverage.


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