Dreams of Arcade Fire

I had a strange dream last night in which I was attending an Arcade Fire show. I remember being pissed because no one else was going that I knew, and a friend of mine had bought two tickets and decided he wasn’t going to go. So there I was and the place was no place I’d ever been to, but for some reason it was Schuba’s in my dream. I went to the bar and looked around and noticed that no one was drinking. What? No alcohol at this show, said the guy behind the bar. Well, this sucked.

Then I went right up to the front of the stage and there was no one there. I was amazed that I was going to have such a good spot for the show, and then I looked behind me and the place was clearing out. What the hell? They moved the show to another venue, someone said. Well, shit, this really sucked. I woke up never having seen Arcade Fire. The End.


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