Daaa Haawwwwggzzz

Watching the Hawks game, thinking about torture. Actually, it would make more sense to be watching the Cubs game, thinking about torture, but the 2nd period has begun so I flip back and forth, mostly staying on hockey. 2-0 Hawks.  Make that 3-0! (The Cubs, meanwhile, are losing 5-1).

OK, I started this and then lost focus, and now it’s 3-1 Hawks and…7-2, not the Cubs. Four minutes remaining for the Hawks and counting. Something tells me it’ll be over before I finish typing.

My point? Screw it, empty net and two minutes left! Wish I was at the Whirlaway on this rainy night but there’ll be more as the Hawks move on. One minute remaining in the game! Aaaaaaaaand…it’s all over! Woo hoo!


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