Comin’ Atcha from the Left

I’m not a regular watcher of MSNBC, or any other news network, but apparently it is the “liberal” channel to Fox’s right-wingin’ garbage. I don’t necessarily believe that since they have a Morning Joe guy who was a former Republican politician (never seen it) and Chris Matthews is not what I would call a partisan left-wing guy, from what I’ve seen. There’s Olbermann, who is definitely a partisan guy, and I enjoy his take-downs of Rush and Hannity and O’Reilly when I see them. And then there’s Rachel Maddow, who is what I would consider probably the fairest of them all, even while maintaining a progressive approach. I suppose that’s why she has been showing up on “Meet the Press” of late.

But whatever. I find it weird that people are loyal to a network, like they seem to be with Fox. I don’t have much interest in watching, or listening to, constant reaffirmations of what I believe. I call that “insecurity.”

But it’s nice to know that MSNBC is not simply cheering on Obama now that he is president. Imagine the credibility of the “tea-baggers” if they had not suddenly developed a sense of fiscal responsibility only after Bush had left office. They might actually have some. Imagine if the right (Fox) had done some criticizing of Bush while he spent all the money on stupid wars instead of waiting until Obama was elected. Well, it didn’t happen.

“I don’t think our audience is looking for unequivocal ‘rah-rah,’ ” said Ms. Maddow, who calls herself a liberal but not a Democrat.

That’s what I call myself as well. I have yet to see a reason for loyalty to the Democratic Party, especially with the way they have let their collective balls go up into their scrotums this year. Not to mention the Blue Dogs, and Lieberman, oh, don’t get me started. Anyway, cheers to that “liberal network” for doing what they can to keep Obama honest.


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