New hero: Buzz Bissinger. Okay, not a hero–I barely know anything about him but he wrote “Friday Night Lights,” the book, not the tv show. Whatever. Apparently Tony LaRussa and Al Pujols went to Beck’s thing this weekend? Not cool! So Buzz has been letting it rip on his twitter thingee:

I wrote FNL not God. And every time there is a sale I don’t point to the heavens. I point to my pocketbook. Called honesty, Albert.

News flash to Albert: God doesn’t care about your home runs or your race for the Triple Crown. He has a lot on the plate right now.

Pro baseball players the least sophisticated of all pro athletes. More to right than Mussolini. Think a yarmulke is rain gear for midgets.

I will take on any right winger any day of the week. Bunch of smug self-satisfied bullies who don’t believe a fucking word they say.

Beck is an Elmer Gantry snake oil former drunk and addict con man who doesn’t believe a single fucking word of what he says. All for $$$

It goes on and on. I love this guy/nutball.


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