Boy, Is You Dumb

Something about Mitt Romney inspires people to be especially stupid over at The National Review. Not like their usual stupid, but a heightened and unusual level of stupid. That’s because Mitt Romney is stupid, but hey, they haven’t got much to work with. They endorsed Romney a long time ago, and now that McCain is rising toward the nomination they are doing all they can to insult, deride, and derail him–you know, like Republicans do.

(Only in the mad, fevered world of right-wingin’ campaigning can you witness a true army hero be reduced to so much garbage, even while up against the likes of George W. Bush, of all people. Both McCain and John Kerry can attest to their troop-supporting ways.)

At The Corner, they like to predict a lot. They jump to conclusions, and they misinterpret and they predict, and then they backtrack and they make corrections and they make excuses. This is because they are so wrong all the time and so out of touch with not only the average American but even with the average conservative American. They are truly a laugh riot.

Anyway, long story short, Kathryn Lopez, the resident cheerleader for all things Romney, was so confident that her man would win the big Florida primary last week and of course made the bold prediction, and then was, of course, wrong again. She even printed an email from a wise reader:

“Can you tell me who your pick for the superbowl is so I can bet the other way?”

She must have been as confident in the Patriots as Michael Graham, another Corner-ite that I’ve never heard of. Mr. Graham hilariously boasted that not only would the Patriots win but so would Romney in Massachusetts tomorrow. He even promised to vote for McCain if the Giants won, because that’s just how confident he was.

Look, everyone thought the Pats would win, but these geeks at NRO have to tie it into politics and make themselves look even dumber than they already are. At some point they need to stop and just admit that they don’t know what the hell they are talking about, be it politics or sports or that up and coming rock and roll sound they heard so much about from their kids. NRO is like Clark Griswold, cloned and multiplied, driving around the bad side of town looking for the freeway while their hubcabs are being stolen.


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