Interesting about Obama’s physical. Dude weighs 179 pounds! That’s pretty thin. I mean, I’m a lot shorter than him and I probably weigh within 30 or so pounds of him. Maybe a little less, I haven’t weighed myself in a long time but I’m gonna guess 145 (I’m on a Wii fitness program, but that’s another story).

And so he has 20/20 vision. It feels like no one has 20/20 vision but maybe that’s just because I’ve had glasses/contacts since the early days of yore. I wonder if Michelle does too. Those 20/20 people need to stick together and perfect our diminishing human eyesight race or we’ll all be blind in a few thousand years. Wait, am I advocating eugenics?!? Ah, we kid, we kid here at the Booze Cabinet…

Still smoking too, I see. Hmm. I really went off the rails on smoking. I was never a smoker but since I spent most of my life in bars with smoke it was no big deal to me. Until now. Since the no smoking laws I have found that smoke really bugs the shit out of me and makes me feel bad. And after experiencing a recent night of being surrounded by a gang of smokers I can’t believe that I put up with the smell on my clothes for all those years. Wow, it makes me want to puke just thinking about it.

The doctors also recommended “moderation of alcohol intake”. What does that mean? This is the best part of the story and that’s all they say about it. Is Obama a boozer? Sounds like the man is throwing them back big-time. Big-time! This is what I like to hear! Ah, I really have to work on my drinking…


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