Bombs Away

That Pakistan thing just won’t go away. Even Hillary is lying about it now:

I just believe that, you know, as Senator Obama said, yes, last summer, he basically threatened to bomb Pakistan, which I don’t think was a particularly wise position to take.

Obama’s response:

With respect to Pakistan, I never said I would bomb Pakistan. What I said was that if we have actionable intelligence against bin Laden or other key Al Qaida officials and we — and Pakistan is unwilling or unable to strike against them, we should. And just several days ago, in fact, this administration did exactly that and took out the third-ranking Al Qaida official. That is the position we should have taken in the first place. And President Musharraf is now indicating that he would generally be more cooperative in some of these efforts. We don’t know how the new legislature in Pakistan will respond. But the fact is, it was the right strategy.

You can’t get much clearer than that. And it’s the same thing he said the first time he said it. I know, I looked it up because I wanted to know what he was talking about the first time he said it. That’s how you find out the answers to things.

It’s funny, the folks who throw around the “empty suit” line are actually either just too disingenuous or ignorant to find out the truth, but Obama has laid it out very clearly. Not only does he speak eloquently, there is actual substance to the words.

I wonder how many times John McCain will attempt to use this, despite its inaccuracy. And forget the politics of it for a second, isn’t it so much smarter than actually waging a war against a country? Pakistan is “harboring” terrorists; by George Bush’s rule, we should be at war with them. But of course we are not. We instead did the right thing, for once. Too bad we had to wait until his final year for Bush to figure it out.


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