Blow, Mormons, & Videotape

I missed a few things while I was gone, such as this CIA videotape thing–business as usual, but still noteworthy for Bush’s standard know-nothing response to it. He really doesn’t have any clue as to what is happening around him, huh? He loves not to know. There are so many real scandals and lies in this administration that it must be hard to keep up with them; I know it is for me. Ah, well, a year to go in this failed presidency.

The Republicans are busy demonstrating the divisive nature of religion in hilarious fashion, as The Mormon and The Christian battle for the nomination by appealing to the basest of the base. From what I can gather, Jesus and the Devil are brothers, Mormons are racist, and you’re all members of brainwashed cults! Is this Huckabee guy for real? Because if this guy is the nominee even Dennis Kucinich will crush him–Kucinich would be the less insane one, by far. Huckabee seems to have a firm hold on the religious nutism; he makes Romney’s Mormonism look relatively harmless.

And so Barack Obama did blow. I imagine he inhaled, snorted, and did a little teeth-grinding too. Was he an alcoholic like Bush? It doesn’t sound like it, but who knows? Does it matter? It didn’t stop almost half the voters in 2000 from nearly electing Bush, why should it matter for Obama now? Clinton should know better than to go there, and apparently now she does.

As I said before, and will repeat now, no one is inevitable. Obama’s time is now and it is happening. I am excited for what’s to come.


Sullivan on the Right and Religion:

And that is why part of me, I confess, wants Huckabee to win. So he can lose. So the GOP can lose – as spectacularly and humiliatingly as possible. If we are to rid conservatism of this theocratic cancer, we need to start over. Maybe it has to get worse before it can get better. But it is certainly too late for fellow-traveling Christianists like Lowry and Krauthammer to start whining now. This is their party. And they asked for every last bit of it. 


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