Beer Bailout

This is important stuff. More important than our fly-killing president, if you can believe it. I’m talking about beer, and this new book “Tasting Beer: An Insider’s Guide to the World’s Greatest Drink.” I wish I could have read it before I drank two Busch beers and a High Life, all in cans, last night. Yes, three little beers and my head is aching. Another unjust hangover in my world. Obama can kill a fly but what can he do about this serious problem? Tell me to drink better beer? That’s the easy bailout. I want justice!

From the article:

Along the way, he shares little gems, such as debunking advertising claims (Rocky Mountain water? Lies.) and how to pour a beer (directly in the middle of a glass produces a rich, creamy head; “trickling down the side … will result in a too-gassy beer with little aroma and a poor, quickly dissipating head”).


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