Andyman and Thalia

Another beautiful day, another edition of Letters from Andrew:


This just in from the research department: women with curly hair rock! Rock I tells ya, rock. Studies show girls (especially Mexican women) with curly hair are tops. A team of scientists have also found that Tommy Mottolla does not deserve Thalia. Therefore I will enter a Manhattan penthouse, hog tie Tommy, and leave with Thalia. She will thank me minutes after that. To recap, since the dawn of time curly hair has moved the continents and shaken our world. Let’s all gaze into the heavens and wonder where else there is curly hair besides earth.

Look for our next album in mid 2009. The Andyman and Thalia. We’ll be riding those boats in the park (you know, the park in Mexico city, the lake, the water and all that).

Track #1: How did I ever live without you?
Track #2: Is that you?
Track #3: Is this thing still on?
Track #4: Do I have to be in the union to perform this?
Track #5: I don’t have to show you my union card.
Track #6: You sing in Tagalog, I don’t even understand that.
Track #7: I pawned your Easter bonnet.
Track #8: When my mother in law speaks Spanish, I smile politely and pretend to understand.
Track #9: It’s just a flat tire, let the butler get that.
Track #10: You could have told me it was gin before your high school reunion.
Track #11: Keep it short.
Track #12: Besame a little bit.
Track #13: Always with the Mexican women.

Can I take payment from you now as a way to secure your preorder? I can’t guarantee a sale after it’s been released. Once you put Thalia’s face on something it sells. Once you put Thalia on your… don’t go there, Johnny, just don’t.

So we’re looking at about 290 days now. It seems like a long time, but considering it’s been 7 years of hell, we’re almost there. Why I think it’s less than 7,000 hours now. Get out your count down calendars!

Here’s a fun Danny website: Don’t you (yes you do) just love a website that sells Eleanor Roosevelt dolls? Yes, no, maybe? Of course yes! What about these finger puppets? Gots to jam on them. I think the only thing evil about Kim Jong Il is the fact that he CAN afford a good haircut, but he makes his mother cut his hair because he doesn’t want to spend the money. Crazy dictator not going to a barber or stylist. Now that’s what I call crazy. Crazy old Kim Johg Il with his mother’s haircuts.

Late night radio, frozen jars of mustard, a broken rear view mirror, and a recipe no one will ever use,


P.S. A recently frozen jar of mayonnaise, and some clams close to your front door, but not close enough so you feel that you should clean it up.


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