A Decade of Doom!

It’s unlikely that I’ll be posting again this year, barring any unforeseen breaking news of importance, such as last night’s game. I had all the voodoo working, with Obama trying on the helmet and then not being able to fit it on because his ears were too big, and then the Old Style instead of the Stella, and well, you get the picture. It worked of course, because that’s how things go in my universe. Not really, but I was having fun anyway. What a game! Ridiculous. Had a feeling all along they were gonna pull this one out. Especially right after they missed the field goal in OT.

Anyway, screw 2009, it wasn’t nearly as cool as 2008, but it was alright. As far as decades go…not bad. The 70s were pretty good but other than that I suppose the 00s did okay. Except for all that war, politics and other bullshit. Christ, what a disaster! Bring on a fresh new decade please! One with helmets and Old Style and football…just like the 70s.

Thanks to Denver Jim for both the new set of helmets and the Old Style!


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