8 Years Too Late, MF’ers

I spent a lot of time on this site back in the old days railing against the Iraq War, even before it began. I called GWBush everything from a lying war-mongering criminal to a lying fear-mongering war criminal, and I stand by every word of it (because it’s true!). Now the war, or the U.S. involvement in it, is coming to an end, over 8 years later than it should have (it should have not been, ever). The body count is ridiculously huge, whether you choose to count only American lives (4,479) or include, as we should, Iraqi civilians. These people died because America got really scared and believed stupid things they were told by a cabal of assholes (Bill Kristol, Dick Cheney, etc.). They are all, unfortunately, still alive–neoconservative mf’ers–and waiting for your apology.

It remains what it always was, and what it could only be: a failure.

If the war you advocate requires for its success the indefinite deployment of U.S. troops, you’ve advocated a failed war. The American people have never and will never agree to a perpetual war of choice that costs billions of dollars each year and results in the ongoing death of American troops — especially if its proponents suggest before it begins that it will be a cakewalk costing $50 to $60 billion. That’s hardly a difficult lesson, but neoconservatives still haven’t learned it.

So my point today/tonight is only to reiterate my feeling of fuck you-ishness to those responsible.


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