20th Century, Go to Sleep

I need help. I wish I knew more Republican Tea Party types, if only so they could serve as a translator for me. I need to understand something: How did repealing health-care reform, global warming regulations, the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, the Environmental Protection Agency, rejecting Keynesian economics, including the efficacy of fiscal stimulus, abolishing Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security, and rejection of Darwin’s theory of evolution became a normal way of life for the GOP?

I missed the latest Crazy Debate last night but from what I understand there were cheers from the allegedly pro-life crowd for death–once again. This time it was for the Death of The Uninsured–what are supposed to do, save the ones who can’t afford it?  Please. Not very Libertarian.

If what the American people want, and vote for, is to be loosened from the shackles of government–be it Medicare or Social Security or the Post Office or the Fire Department, FEMA or some other bothersome agency that meddles in our business–then yes, it will make sense that we also live in a country that cheers the mention of an executed prisoner like the vengeful Christians do.

Repeal the 20th Century. Vote GOP.


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