Wish I Was There

A guest booze shot courtesy of Cap’n Judd, the Juddmaster Extraordinaire, Tangle-Magneto-Weedist, part-time MaM-o-blammer, zeebity bobbity boobity bopper. Taken from a recent trip to Mexico.

The King of Limbs

This is a nice start to the week: The King of Limbs! Radiohead is back.

Another Tricky Day

Well, I don’t think I can rightfully post a boozy pic today. Haven’t felt like posting anything anyway, and today is going to suck, I’m sure. Never been to a wake/funeral of someone younger than me, I don’t believe. Haven’t…

The February Doom

What a week here. And no cable or internet for some of it too. At least the power stayed on, but yeah, the February Doldrums are here now in full force. When I had this Bloody at Dunlay’s a couple…

Snow Day

Seems like a good day to revisit some North Carolina pix. Yeah, I remember this.