Dat’s a Spicy Meatball

A delicious Peroni in Oak Park for my mom’s birthday.

(Just Like) Starting Over

My Rolling Stone magazines come quick in the mail and I slowly catch up to them on the pot, so I just recently finished the John Lennon interview from a few issues back. Apparently RS doesn’t like to share these…

Colbert vs. Charlie Rose

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Subaru Presents…

Well, this is it. What else can be said? This could be the greatest moment in Chicago Bears history…defeating the Packers and heading to the Superbowl. Oh. My. God. I can’t stand it! But first there is the business of…

Epic Battle on the Frozen Tundra

I can barely stand it. This is just pure insanity. How did this happen?

Feckin Whiskey

Use it in a sentence: “Willya fetch me some feckin’ whisky, lassie?”

What’s That, Dummy?

It’s hard to be civil in the face of such stupidity: Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.) said Wednesday that he wishes one additional person had possessed a firearm in Tucson on Saturday, presumably to use on Jared Lee Loughner. “I wish…

Assassin’s Lobby

Bill Maher on Leno.

A Well-Armed Citizenry

Just to elaborate on what should be the main takeaway in this: the insane gun culture that exists in places like Tucson, Arizona…and all over America… Republican Peter King has proposed federal legislation that would prevent people from knowingly bringing…


Hee hee hee…oh, it’s all just so, so funny. Sigh… OK, here goes: No, I don’t blame Sarah Palin for it. She’s just a small part of the problem, and the problem is epidemic. No one should be surprised by…