A Decade of Doom!

It’s unlikely that I’ll be posting again this year, barring any unforeseen breaking news of importance, such as last night’s game. I had all the voodoo working, with Obama trying on the helmet and then not being able to fit…

Can’t Take Another Step in These Funeral Shoes

Kristin Hersh’s tweets read like one of her songs after the death of Vic Chesnutt: he’s gone…so much to go away in a moment / i’m shattered…i loved him so much none of this is real / the moon’s moving…racing…

Oh Xmas Tree

Probably the last post for a while, things are slowing down around here for the holidays as they pick up in real life. Happy Merry and all that stuff, congrats and cheers to the passing of the health care bill,…

About Last Night

Photo taken at Butch McGuire’s. Yep, you read that right. Buncha college gals got me there recently. It’s like a parallel universe over there. Weirrrrrd.

Blame Canada

Land of Talk at Empty Bottle this past Saturday. A damn good Canadian band! I’d been waiting for these guys/gal to come back since I saw them open for Film School a while back. I was not disappointed.

World Wide Waste

I’m so bored with the blogs. There’s just nothing good to read out there anymore. There’s the tabloids, Huffington and Drudge, but Drudge is not even interesting anymore in a ridiculous way, it’s just stupid. Well, it was always stupid…

King o’ Beers

The good old 16 oz. Budweiser, can’t complain about that, I suppose.

In My Dreams Yer Blowin’ Me…Some Kisses

Suddenly I’m in a Dewey Cox kind of mood!

Headin’ West

On the Ike headin’ west into the setting sun.

Dead Air

Steve Dahl in the Trib talks about the loss of radio’s voices in Chicago, and I would imagine, everywhere else. I truly do miss those days when Howard Stern and Dahl and others would get me through a work day….