Keepin’ Warm

Lily on the radiator, heatin’ up.

A Modest Referral

The great Irish satirist Jon Swift has posted his Best Blog Posts of 2008, which aren’t his own best posts but instead the best posts of bloggers as chosen by the bloggers themselves. Got that? I hate to look back,…

Year in Review

At my wedding in June I made a speech of sorts, drunkenly, with the ocean behind me and the tequila in front of me. I was still in the middle of a week in Cancun that ended up going about…

Milk at Midnight #4

Milk at Midnight #4 bite-size stars obediently dance in your brain -they couldn’t be that small in real life but when the explosion’s over you’ll have evolve-melted into an angel that can’t even see stars, ’cause whaddaya know, you’ll be…

Happy Merry

Best of 2008

From The following ten groups released albums or EPs that we believe launched them far above the roiling masses making up the Chicago music scene. Coming in at number 3…your favorite and mine…the one, the only…Milk at Midnight! Thanks…

Monday Night Quarterback

It’s halftime of the Bear-Packer game and so no, I’m not in a good mood. What a garbage team. They don’t deserve to make the playoffs, yet every team that had to lose yesterday did, and the Bears are still…

Monday Margarita

Never got around to this on Friday so why not start off this holiday week with a nice cold margarita from El Cid?

Purpose-Driven Ignorance

I understand that this is silly at some point. Ultimately it is meaningless. BUT! Or should I say, BUTT…it is NOT about agreeing with each other all the time, as both Obama and Warren have defended themselves by saying. Please….

Unity, Sanctity, and Bigotry

In a few years, when gays are able to legally marry each other everywhere with the full benefits that straight couples are allowed, we will see that the positions held by Mr. Warren and his cult are primitive and bigoted….