Summer’s Not Over Yet

Hancock Under Seige

From a few weeks ago, when the fighter jets were practicing for the air show.

Grapes of Doom

These juicy buggers are in my backyard. I should start a vineyard.

It Feels Like Friday

As planned, we wrapped up the session last night and everything is sounding real good. Not sure yet when we’ll have some songs to preview but you can bet to hear it first right here! Or there. Or somewhere. It…

Future Pyro

“I loved it,” 7-year-old William Smith said as the smoke started to clear. “One day I’m gonna blow up my own house.” Batman sequel inspires kids!

Through the Peephole

This is what things start to look like after recording all night at the Beagle. That car only served to increase the paranoia; the Thai consulate is in that building, and I’m certain they were keeping tabs on our behavior….

Beagle Update

We’ve spent a few nights recording vocals at the Prize Beagle Studios, the last being Monday night. We will return tonight to listen and possibly, hopefully, close the books on this session of recordings. We also had Mr. Scott Judd…

Impeach Dick

Happy Birthday, Dad! This one’s for you!

Green Eggs and Sex

Everyone knows I am a liberal-minded individual. I don’t care if people have sex in a tree or in the sea. I say OK to sex on a plane and say OK if the sex is the same. Sex and…

Like a Rock

The LaRouchies were out last week at Huron and State. I like their posters.